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Pop Pop
Eddie Bright
Eddie Bright

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Eddie Bright's Mix!



     The Original Western Spice Mix

Developed with a special blend of salt, pepper, garlic, ground mustard and assorted spices by Eddie Bright himself - this mix is sure to be a hit on all of your beef, pork, chicken and fish dishes!  Enjoy the perfect balance of flavors that have been around since antiquity - add a pinch or sprinkle generously for an unforgettable taste.  Experience the deliciousness of Pop Pop Tongue Slapper Mix today!

It's always tongue-slappin' good!

Pop Pop Tongue Slapper Mix

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Eddie Bright knew there had to be more than the simple seasonings of rock salt and pepper for the sirloin and tri tip steaks grilling with friends back in the late 1980’s. It triggered a journey of experimenting to find just the right mix which evolved over the course of 2-3 years. Named after “Pop Pop”, Eddie Brights Dad, Arthur Bright, because Eddie says “it’s always been a family business", combined with a common reaction by customers saying the mix flavor was so great it “slapped me on the back of my tongue”, Pop Pop Tongue Slapper was born.


The Bright family had strong roots in California known for the Brights Pioneer Exhibit, Le Grand, CA, Brights Nursery and Bright’s Party Barn and Catering Trailer, all of which started organically and evolving into unique businesses that still to this day generate one of a kind conversations amongst people from all walks of life that experienced them. Of course, Pop Pop Tongue Slapper was a regular staple with Eddie and Marge Bright cooking for hundreds at events and the seasoning foundation for menu offerings at the catering trailer. 

Eddie Bright, Eric Bright, Shayla Bright

Eddie Bright, Eric Bright & Shayla Bright

Since relocating from California to Unionville, MO, son and daughter-in-law Eric and Shayla Bright along with Eddie, are now the managing team behind Pop Pop Tongue Slapper. If you keep your eye out locally you may even be lucky enough to see Eddie grilling the finest local large cuts of prime rib or tri-tip steak generously seasoned with Pop Pop Tongue Slapper. He’s kind of famous for that ya’ know!


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Pop Pop Tongue Slapper Mix

Based in Unionville, MO

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